Votocrat assure to protect your privacy as it is significant to us. We’ve chipped away at the advancement of a Privacy Policy that covers how we gather, utilize, reveal, and store your data.Spend a minute to acquaint yourself with our protection practices and let us know if you have any queries.

Your personal information is collected and used in a number of ways when you use our services. Case in point when you register for an account or contact us by email, Votocrat access your personal information automatically from your browser, including your IP address and cookies. The personal information collected is utilized for identification, authentication, service improvement, research, and contact. The total usage statistics of your Operating system, IP address, browser version and its capabilities and the date and time of your visit is collected and used in order to enable the functionality of the Votocrat and to improve software quality. The information gathered during this procedure is used to prevent users from re-registering with a different username. To fetch you automatic logins in future, we might send cookies to your browser, which can as well be used for content customization.


We do not trade or share the personal information with third parties without your approval. However, we may perhaps disclose the personal information when we are certain about any kind of violation in our Terms of Service or is appropriate to comply with the law, to secure our or our users’ rights in addition to protect our users from deceitful, oppressive and unlawful use of our services. We maintain whatever authority is needed to uncover your by and by identifiable data as needed by law and when we trust that exposure is important to secure our rights and/or to follow a legal continuing, court request, or legitimate procedure served on our website.


Votocrat safeguards all the files and data on poll, rating and survey and keep it private and confidential. The software records theIP address, browser information, OS information, time and date of event, and any data entered by the recipient when he responds to any of the poll, rating or survey. This information is private and never shared with anyone aside from the user for which it is expected, unless the user gives us the consent to do so. Once the customer requests to delete any information from their account, we delete it permanently, and do not store it for any further use.


If you need further information or may have any questions about this policy, kindly contact us.